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In gesprek met ... Elton Varela

Certain things immediately caught my attention when I visited the island Sal in Cape Verde. One of thos things  is the peoples work ethic. Most people work two or more jobs. Why? Because the pay isn’t very good, even for them. If you desire a good life in Sal with a decent house, food on the table and some extra’s to save up for something like a flight ticket, one job simply is not enough.

A lot of the people I met had a day job, in a hotel or as a tourist guide and a night job, in a club, store or restaurant. Once a week they got a day off. 

Elton told me he works as tourguide during the day, and in the Ocean bar as entertainer, and also manages rental apartments. To keep this up, it tells me your very dedicated to achieve something in life. And I certainly much respect their devotion to their life goals. 

Obviously I was also curious about the tea culture on Cape Verde or should  I say the lack of tea. What’s up with that? Elton tried to explain. Watch the video to see his view on the matter.

One of the main problems on this island is import and export. From what I heard from others, it’s slow and unreliable and therefore, there is no good tea available. Immediately, I felt a need to research more. As soon as I find good answers and/or it will ever be possible to get good tea on the island, I will post an update. 


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